Ukraine : The Redivision of the Capitalist World has Begun…

Published the 27 February 2022 in War and Imperialism


1. The meaning of the war in Ukraine


Thus, at 4 AM this Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russian troops commanded by the autocrat Vladimir Putin, worthy heir of Tsar Nicholas II and Joseph Stalin, invaded and bombed Ukraine with the aim of annexing it partially or totally. This was a decisive step forward in the field of military conflicts in Europe after the war in the former Yugoslavia. The bombing of fifteen Ukrainian cities, the beginning of a macabre count of civilian and military deaths, the deployment of the Russian army on three fronts, the occupation of military airfields and the Chernobyl nuclear site, the programmed fall of the Ukrainian government to form a team of puppets under the orders of Moscow, the beginning of a huge emigration to the neighboring countries of the European Union, all this undoubtedly translates into an acceleration of history, which could in the medium and long term – with the involvement of China in the conflict – lead to a third world conflict.

Putin stated in 2005 that the disappearance of the USSR in 1989 was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th Century”. Driven, it is true, by the nibbling of the [Russian] Empire’s margins (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, ex-Czechoslovakia, the Baltic States) by the USA and its NATO allies, Putin’s camarilla and his oligarchs were not long in manifesting their choice to recover some of these margins. It is a general law of capitalist imperialism, whether Russian, American or Chinese: whoever does not strengthen his positions ends up losing them halfway, whoever loses them completely in geostrategic areas will react like a beast in desperation, ready for anything, even for a nuclear conflict. It is enough to recall the Russian missile crisis in Cuba in October 1962, a few miles from Florida, a crisis that coincided with the American missile crisis in Turkey, on Russia’s doorstep.

In August 2008, the troops of the Medvedev-Putin two-headed dictatorship, allegedly to avoid a “genocide” of the Russian-speaking population, invaded South Ossetia after a five-day war, carefully planned by the former head of the FSB. On August 26, 2008, Russia officially recognized the “independence” of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, a breakaway region of Georgia. These two regions joined the club, promised to a very bright future, of ex-Soviet regions attached to the Russian imperial eagle (willingly or by force), and of which Transnistria had been the paradigm after its 1992 secession from Moldavia, which had more or less joined the “Western camp”.

Already in August 2008, the new “imperial Russia” said it was ready “to ensure the security of these two rump states” (South Ossetia and Abkhazia). French President Sarkozy, of whom Macron is a successor, presented his mediation in the Russian-Georgian conflict and the momentary “freezing” of the conflict as a “victory”.

Hitler once used a well-trodden state lie, the eternal antiphon of all imperialist brigands: a state E (in this case Poland) plans with its allies X, Y and Z (Great Britain, France, etc.) to dismember a state A, which is itself surrounded by the whole of Europe (in this case Germany). The ethnic minority M (in 1939, the Volksdeutsche) is threatened with annihilation (genocide) by the majority M’…

It is well known that the SS, wearing stolen Polish uniforms, organized a fake “Polish raid” on a German radio station. This was used as a pretext to annex and dismember – soon with the precious help of the Stalinist Soviet Union! – Poland , especially the regions with a large German-speaking population: West Prussia, Poznan-Posen, Upper Silesia, and the former “free city” of Danzig-Gdansk, (2) thus liquidating the Poland of 1919.

Putin – crowned a pure “genius” by Donald Trump after his martial speech on Monday evening, February 21 – could not slavishly copy the scenario imagined and then executed on September 1, 1939 to invade and annex Poland. Nevertheless, the terms of the 1939 equation – the use of ethnic minorities, allegedly threatened with “genocide”, as a pretext, this paranoid imagining of the obsessional theory of encirclement – remain the same.

In the case of Ukraine, the Russian capitalist/imperialist regime justified its “intervention to prevent genocide” with the argument of “weapons of mass destruction”. The West is said to have supplied Ukraine with missiles, ready to be turned into nuclear warheads, threatening the Russian population with “genocide”. The occupation of Chernobyl by the Russian army has only one purpose: to forge the myth that Ukraine could collect uranium and plutonium waste by pulling it out of the sarcophagus of the nuclear power plant, built after its explosion on April 26, 1986.

Putin was undoubtedly inspired by the war plan elaborated twenty years earlier (2002) by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, with the active (and financially interested) complicity of Britain’s Tony Blair. In February 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell put together a dossier on the “weapons of mass destruction program” (nuclear and chemical) in Iraq. It was all faked, and to rattle the UN Assembly, Powell brandished an alleged anthrax capsule. The fresh and joyful war for the occupation of the Iraqi oil fields by Uncle Sam and John Bull’s forces could begin.

A decade later, it turned out that the chemical munitions had been designed in the 1980s in the United States, manufactured in Europe, and filled in Iraq with chemicals generously provided by Western companies, and used primarily against the hereditary enemy within: the Kurds (New York Times, October 14, 2014).

All these lies, the imperialist states, that is to say, almost all the big and medium capitalist powers (China included, of course, in spite of its very comical “communist” label), vomit them daily to justify the advance of their pawns on the world chessboard.

The history of the last 30 years or so is that of the re-composition of the imperialist world in which two great poles dominate: the USA, whose “programmed decline” is announced, even though it is overwhelmingly the leading military power; and capitalist China, boosted for more than 30 years by the formidable investments of the Western powers, and [at present] openly manifesting its desire for world domination. Outside of these two poles, Russia seeks to reconstitute its old pre-1989 empire, even if it walks “to the edge of the abyss”. It has no choice but to choose the Chinese axis (that of the “Silk Roads”), which could nevertheless threaten its southern Siberian flank in the long run. As for Xi Jinping’s China, it can only half-heartedly support the Russian ally. If the Ukraine becomes a stumbling block that could militarily dismantle the Sino-Pacific or Indo-Pacific front for the control of Taiwan and the China Sea, the ‘Middle Empire’ will have gained enough strategic breathing space to deploy its expansionist policy.

As for the fate of the inhabitants of Ukraine, it is the least of the concerns of both Russian militarism, which is making its way with bombs, and the “democracy” of the Western bloc, which has also long been accustomed to let weapons speak both abroad (Middle East, Africa, Asia) and internally when it claims to be “threatened” by an “internal enemy”.

On the other hand, the inevitable migration of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to the West could be a recurrent theme used by the right (but also the left) to stigmatize Ukrainians “who come to eat our national bread”.

For all these “democrats”, the only interest of Ukrainians is to be a geostrategic exchange value. For the USA, the systemic enemy remains the Chinese capitalist power, which it will have to crush in the decades to come.

If Russia (rid of Putin) could change its alliance to the benefit of the USA, the blood of Ukrainians and many others could be used as glue to sign a treaty in due form against the Middle Empire.

Pantopolis, February 24, 2022.

Source : Le repartage du monde capitaliste a commencé…

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