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The Uncontrollable Megafires of Global Imperialism


The Russian-Ukrainian war since February 24, 2022, the recurrent wars in the Near and Middle East from 1948 to 2023, the wars in the making in the Far East under the leadership of China and the USA… These are all imperialist wars to re-divide the capitalist world for the benefit of one side or another. These conflicts, in which civil­ians are the first victims, are engulfing the whole world like megafires, totally uncon­trollable but perfectly predictable!


The Sorcerer’s Cauldron of Imperialist Antagonisms


The umpteenth imperialist war bleeding Israel and the Palestinian territories is not only being waged by the extreme right-wing mafia of Benjamin Netanyahu and his associates, and the Hamas terrorist mafia. The latter has been ruling (and terrorizing) the 360 square kilometers enclave of Gaza since 2007 – initially with Israel’s bless­ing [1] !

Netanyahu cynically declared before the Israeli parliament in March 2019 :

"Anyone who wants to thwart the creation of a Palestinian state must support our policy of strengthening Hamas and transferring money to Hamas. This is part of our strategy: to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from those on the West Bank".

Hamas, despite being supported by more than half the Palestinian population, would not exist without the active financial and military backing of Sunni Qatar, Shiite Iran, the Hezbollah (Party of Allah!) state entity in Lebanon, and Erdoğan’s Turkey, which dreams of reconstituting the defunct Ottoman Empire!

The war initiated by Hamas on Saturday, October 7, 2023, in the middle of the Sab­bath, with the undeniable support of Iran (which year after year massacres its own population) was perfectly predictable. The Egyptian security services had announced a few days earlier that « Hamas was planning something gigantic » [2] .

You don’t have to be a mind reader to know that 50-70% of the Israeli army has been mobilized for a very long time to cordon off the West Bank and protect the pillaging and even murder regularly committed by settlers against Palestinians [3] ! Before and after October 7, the aim of the settlers and the occupation army is “the transfer, the expulsion of Palestinians” – from the delusional “Greater Israel” – to Jordan and Egypt" [4] . An ethnic cleansing already practiced with complete success during the wars of carving up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

The desperate, hopeless situation bequeathed by both the extremists at the head of Israel and the terrorist Islamism manipulated by Iran and Hezbollah has only added another fuse to the powder keg of imperialist war.

As with the war in Ukraine, the imperialist blocs are hardening with iron and fire, even if the protagonists are reluctant to take sides too openly with Israel or Hamas, given the multiplication of war crimes on both sides.

In any case, October 7 was a black Saturday for both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. First of all, there were acts of unprecedented savagery committed against the Jewish population, leaving 1,400 killed and thousands of injured, most of them civilians: kib­butz workers, and even Thai immigrants and Nepalese students [5] .

But there are also thousands of Arab-Palestinian civilians killed, firstly in Gaza by in­cessant bombardment from the Israeli air force, and also in the West Bank, where 500,000 Israeli settlers are militarily occupying land belonging to the Palestinian population. At the end of October, the death toll among the population in Gaza has exceeded 8,000.

The bloody dictator Putin is now denouncing, with incredible nerve, the attitude of Israel, which is implementing a ruthless blockade of Gaza, accompanied by savage bombardments of the civilian population and even medical infrastructures. Putin compared the blockade of Gaza to the Nazi blockade of Leningrad during the Second World War! And yet, in this field, the Putin-Lavrov-Medvedev regime – even without Prigozhin’s mercenaries – is far more experienced in this crime than Netanyahu’s regime. In Chechnya – where the conflict dates back to the Yeltsin period – an ulti­matum issued on December 6, 1999 ordered all Grozny residents to leave the city or risk being treated as terrorists and exterminated. On January 11, 2000, General Kazantsev even decreed that “only children under the age of 10, men over 65 and women would be considered refugees”, the others de facto being regarded as terror­ists. The two Chechen conflicts led first by Yeltsin, then by his successor Putin, re­sulted in a total of 25,000 deaths on the Chechen and assimilated sides. On the Rus­sian side, there were 15,000 deaths, a figure higher than the losses suffered by the Soviet army in Afghanistan. According to the NGO Memorial, dissolved by the Putin regime in December 2021, Chechen losses were equivalent to a quarter of the pre-war population.

During the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Putin’s army blockaded Mariupol from Feb­ruary 24 to May 20, 2022. On March 9, 2022, the Russian army deliberately shelled the Mariupol maternity hospital and its pediatric ward. The death toll was at least three, in­cluding a little girl, and about 17 wounded. The air strike came just as a ceasefire had been announced to allow the evacuation of the civilian population in a humani­tarian corridor. Deprived of water and electricity (as the Gazans are now), at least 25,000 people were killed in the fighting in Mariupol, and 5,000 to 7,000 perished under the rubble after their homes were bombed. In the rest of Ukraine, the bombing of hospitals is a Putin trademark…

Xi Jinping’s China, a “strategic ally” of Putin’s Russia, felt obliged, without laughter, to « condemn actions harming civilians » in Gaza. And yet, since 2018, the UN and NGO’s have been obliged to talk about the putting in concentration camps of about one million Uighurs, branded as “terrorists” and reduced to subhuman lifelong slav­ery of Chinese capitalist industry. An act described by the UN, for once, as a “crime against humanity” [6] .

It should come as no surprise that the USA unconditionally supports its “strategic ally” Israel, even under the thumb of the far-right settlers, especially after the official support given by Donald Trump’s party to Netanyahu’s annexation policy..

Nevertheless, Joe Biden, donning his best Tartuffe costume, that of the zealot of “American democracy”, asserts that the occupation of Gaza by Tsahal would be “a grave mistake”, an attack on the “good image” of Yankee “democracy” as the bearer of the “true values” of the liberal capitalist “free world”. But in the end, it’s all about approving the policies of the Netanyahu clique…

Nevertheless, Joe Biden, donning his best Tartuffe costume, that of the zealot of “American democracy”, asserts that the occupation of Gaza by Tsahal would be “a grave mistake”, an attack on the “good image” of Yankee “democracy” as the bearer of the “true values” of the liberal capitalist “free world”. But in the end, it’s all about approving the policies of the Netanyahu clique…

From 2003 to 2023, the world has experienced an uninterrupted series of wars, which only serve to recompose the forces present for the total domination of the capitalist world by one camp or another.


P.B. / Pantopolis, 18-20 october 2023.

Translation: H.C., October 30, 2023. Reviewed by the author.


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