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Egypt after the ousting of Morsi

Confrontations between bourgeois factions lead to Massacres and The State of Emergency

Voices of the Internationalist Communist Left

Following the installation of the state of emergency and a curfew by the ‘intermediate’ military government on August 14th a new massacre of pro-Morsi demonstrators was undertaken by the repressive organs of the Egyptian state. In the following we present the communiques on the situation in Egypt by two groups stemming from the Italian Communist Left: The declaration by the International Communist Party (Bordigist) respectively that of the International Communist Tendency (Damen). We endorse our readers to take notice.

Massacre of Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Egypt. The only road forward for the proletariat is the independent class struggle and no confidence in the bourgeois army!

From: Int.C.P. / P.C.Int. (August 15th , 2013)

The Egyptian Proletariat Between the Hammer and the Anvil of the Bourgeoisie

From: I.C.T. / T.C.I. (August 16th , 2013)

Earlier statements by the I.C.P., respectively by the I.C.T., such as on the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood president Morsi by the military in the wake of mass demonstrations in all of Egypt on June 30th can be found on these websites as well. The aforementioned communiques are available in both French and English.

Following the military takeover of July 3rd and the installation of a ‘care taker’ government, the International Communist Current (ICC) published an extensive article on July 15th:

Egypt highlights the alternative: socialism or barbarism
that can be found here.

In addition we want to draw the attention of our readers to an anarchist voice from Egypt on the situation:

Tahrir-ICN statement on events in Egypt

August 15th, 2013